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Herbal Phytotherapy

Herbal Phytotherapy is the use of plants to support health. Herbs assist the body by supporting the natural healing mechanisms and restoring balance.

Herbal Phytotherapy blends traditional knowledge with modern science. Modern herbalists are well equipped to support chronic or acute health conditions.

Herbal Phytotherapy can come in the form of tinctures, capsules, teas, syrups (especially for children), salves, ointments, or Homeobotanical preparations, which are blend of herbs prepared with some homeopathic principles.


Pharmaceutical drugs and Herbs

The benefits of pharmaceutical drugs cannot be denied with many diseases and infectious illnesses now treatable and no longer fatal. Herbal Phytotherapy, when advised by a trained professional, can complement many pharmaceutical treatments. A trained herbalist will be aware of drug-herb interactions and how to support an individual’s health with herbs.

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Personalised Herbal Formulas 
Our personalised blends are formulated to meet your specific requirements.