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for a healthier future

For great health look after your cell environment. Put junk into your blood, get junk blood. We can be the masters of our own health.

Today Dr Bruce Lipton gave a fascinating lecture at South Pacific College on the Biology of Belief. He spoke about the genes not be the controller of life and that our cell’s environment has a profound affect on the viability and health of the cells and ultimately our health. Epigenetics (control above the genes) means we are not powerless victims to our genetics but can change the environment of our cells  and become masters of our own health

What Affects Our Cell Environment? Dr Lipton spoke about the importance of nutrition and the signals that were being sent to our cells through chemical messengers such as hormones and neurotransmitters.

Nutrition – after all the fate of the cell depends on the composition of the blood, “put junk in get junk blood” = poor cellular environment.

Cellular Signals – this includes our own brain’s perceptions and beliefs (emotions) which affect the chemicals (hormones and neurotransmitters) made. Our brain can be thought of as a chemist making up a culture medium, the blood. These chemicals can be stress and inflammatory hormones which have an important role to play but are not always appropriate and can negatively impact our health, or those feel good hormones associated with attachment and feeling happy.

Become Masters of Your Own Health. Help provide a great environment for your cells by eating good nutritious food, avoid sugar and harmful additives but ensure a good intake of omega oils. Look to change your perception of life and what is a threat and what really isn’t – scary thoughts make scary cells. Love is a very powerful, positive emotion and should be fostered. Find your purpose, having a purpose and something important to do enhances life.

Love Yourself You Are Unique And Special 🙂